Umadum countdown

We’re on the home straight and the wait is almost over! We can finally reveal the secret surrounding the new Observation Wheel.

It’s never quiet in Werksviertel-Mitte – but we knew that already. Our Observation Wheel lies at the heart of this precinct full of urbanity, diversity and distinct lifestyle. A unique view of our beautiful city of Munich is thus guaranteed. For us, however, it’s not only about being sky-high. Everything all around is important too.

Our Observation Wheel is a true child of Munich with a view of Frauenkirche cathedral, Allianz Arena, Olympic Park and the Alps.

Cabin by cabin, we revolve all-round in Werksviertel-Mitte.

Sadly, there was a period when our cabins were not revolving all-round. This makes it all the more pleasing that they’re back in motion and that there is a fresh breath of air behind the Observation Wheel now. Since it is a genuine attraction as well as a point of pride for Munich, we dreamed up something very special for our Observation Wheel.

Have you noticed the word ‘all-round’ more than usual here? It’s what the Bavarian word ‘umadum’ means, which is now the name our Observation Wheel goes by. The new branding and ‘Umadum’ name aim to illustrate the uniqueness of the Observation Wheel and the connection with our Bavarian city. You too will become a true child of Munich with a ride on Umadum.

Did you know …?

The Observation Wheel is powered by green energy, making it highly energy-efficient. That means Umadum enables both energy recovery as well as an extraordinary experience.

Have you taken a ride on our Observation Wheel? Not yet? Then it’s high time! Come along, take a ride all-round and enjoy an extraordinary view of Munich.