Musical delight with the Bayern 3 Live Club Concert and Rea Garvey

A concert in an observation wheel? Everything is possible! That’s why we have joined forces with Bayern 3 to put on this unique event. On October 30th Rea will play in front of the Umadum giant wheel and the concert will be broadcast live to the gondolas.


The idea


Corona presents us all with challenges that often require creative solutions – and this is also the case here! An extraordinary location, a special technical concept and voila: Bavaria’s first observation Wheel concert! Rea Garvey is also enthusiastic and immediately hooked on the idea.


To get tickets, you’ll need some luck. These cannot be bought; they can only be won. What do you have to do? From 26.10. on, just watch out for the ticket alarm for “Reas Riesenrad” in the programme of BAYERN 3 – or get an additional chance via the BAYERN3 newsletter.



If you think: “Great, I didn’t get a ticket, but I’ll stop by, we’ll have to disappoint you. The stage will be completely closed – so there is nothing to see. And since the sound only will be transmitted into the gondolas, there’s nothing to listen either. So please only come if you really have a ticket and be considerate of the increasing number of corona infections.


So, take your chance and try to win a ticket for this spectacular concert! We keep our fingers crossed for you!