Light up the night for me! We raise awareness for ME/CFS

ME/CFS is a common disease that can lead to a high degree of physical disability. What sounds bad is often trivialized in our society. Since it cannot be detected with a standard doctor’s examination, it is often mistakenly seen as “sagging” or mild depression – a mistake that can have far-reaching consequences.

Many young people in particular also suffer from ME/CFS, and are often treated incorrectly or not taken seriously at all, which can lead to a bad course of the disease. Corona infections also seem to lead more frequently to CFS. For this reason, and to draw attention to the problematic nature of the situation, I and other buildings around the world are lighting blue on 12.5.


What is ME/CFS?
Myalgic encephalomyelitis, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome, is a neurological disease that is difficult to detect. In it, affected individuals suffer from physical weakness and neurocognitive, autonomic and immunological symptoms such as muscle pain, palpitations, dizziness and lightheadedness. Daily activities such as brushing teeth, taking a shower or visiting the supermarket can thus become a torment.


Why is ME/CFS so unknown so far?
The exact causes of the disease are still unclear and a biomarker for a definite diagnosis does not yet exist. Therefore, the disease can only be detected by the exclusion principle. There is also no known approved curative treatment or cure.


Consequences of ME/CFS
The neurological disease can lead to immense limitations in everyday life. The quality of life decreases, many patients can no longer leave the house and are bedridden as well as dependent on nursing care.


How can I help?
Raise awareness! The first step in being able to cure and treat a disease is to take it seriously! We can all help with this by working together to raise awareness about ME/CFS. Come by, take pictures of the blue umadum and support the LIGHT UP THE NIGHT FOR ME campaign!


The source of the article was the page of the patient organization “German Society for ME/CFS”.

Background information on the connection between corona and CFS can also be found in this current ZEIT interview with specialist Carmen Scheibenbogen.