Did you know that? Umadum is operated with electricity produced by the company itself

Today, sustainable and innovative energy supply is an important part when it comes to supplying power to big areas. It is precisely this innovative, efficient power and energy supply for the Werksviertel-Mitte that werkkraft GmbH, a subsidiary of Bayernwerk Natur GmbH, has set its sights on in 2015.



The project aims to make use of previously unused energy efficiency potentials in the operation of buildings and real estate. Since 01.01.2016, werkkraft has been generating its own energy from a wide variety of sources. These include energy and heat generation from the public grid, from a gas network using two combined heat and power units (CHP), and from the environment. Here the heat is generated by the groundwater. This is done by a water-heat pump. The groundwater is pumped upwards and transfers its thermal energy to the refrigeration circuit of the heat pump. The constant groundwater temperature of eight to twelve degrees Celsius is perfect for the operation of a heat pump. In summer, this even makes passive cooling possible. Heat generation by a water-heat pump thus presents itself as a clean, sustainable and inexhaustible source of energy.



The natural gas is mainly used by the CHPs for the site, because excess electricity is often generated here, which can be used again for heat generation. In the center of the plant district, all consumers such as companies, hotels and concert halls are thus supplied with heat. Since 2019 werkkraft has also been able to produce its own cooling energy. For this purpose, a cooling machine was connected to the CHP.



The Umadum observation wheel is also powered by the specially produced electricity of the werkkraft. For this purpose, a line was laid all the way to the observation wheel. The electricity is generated from the CHP2 as well as from green electricity, which thus has 90 percent more power.