How can I describe myself?
‘Wow’ suits me best! 😉

I’m enormous

I stand 78 metres tall and the diameter of my wheel is 74 metres.
The height of my main axis is 40 metres and the platform measures 29 × 42 metres.

metres tall

I’m spacious

There are 27 cabins circulating on me, each offering space for up to 16 riders of all sizes. There are also a few changes for us due to COVID-19 measures. You can find out more about them here.

16 guests per cabin
Total capacity of guests

I’m mobile

I’m the world’s largest mobile Observation Wheel. My components fit in just under 80 shipping containers and can be reassembled and dismantled any time, anywhere.

shipping containers of components

I give you time to discover

One ride lasts about 30 minutes. Plenty of time to explore Munich from above. Anyone wishing to enjoy it for even longer can take advantage of my package offers. These include, for example, the Weisswurst breakfast, which lasts no fewer than 60 minutes.* (* Information about this under Prices)

-minute ride duration

I was developed and built by professionals

I was designed by designer Ron Bussink (who is the mind behind over 100 Observation Wheels) and built by the Observation Wheel professionals at the company MAURER SE (the market leaders in structural steelwork).