Why Umadum?

Why has the Observation Wheel undergone a name change?

We wanted to give the Observation Wheel a name that conveys emotion and life. We deliberately chose a name that is distinctly Bavarian, from the dialect traditionally spoken in Munich and its surroundings.

Who decided on the name ‘Umadum’?

A competition to find a name was held between MAURER SE, Werksviertel and hi-sky Consulting GmbH. An employee at MAURER SE submitted the suggestion.

What does the new name mean?

Duden, the authoritative dictionary of the German language, defines the name as ‘Bavarian for all-round’ (rundherum in Standard German).

URKERN GmbH submitted multiple creative proposals, with the company partners agreeing on the winning proposal following a joint process.

Why is Umadum now staying in Werksviertel-Mitte for longer?

The time that the Munich Observation Wheel will stay depends on when construction of the concert hall will begin. This construction has been postponed until February 2022.

How long will Umadum stay in Munich?

It will stay at its current location until construction of the concert hall starts or longer, when a new location will be found.


What are the new Umadum opening hours?
How long does an Umadum ride last?

Standard: roughly 30 minutes, various packages are longer

How many riders can fit in a cabin?

16 persons maximum (standing)

How much does an Umadum ride cost?

See our price list

Are there concessions for students/apprentices/retirees (65 and over)/people with disabilities?

See our price list

Are there discounts for Werksviertel-Mitte neighbours/Munich locals/tourists?

See our price list

Are there group tickets available to purchase?

Yes, from 20 people, please register the group in advance at reservierung@umadum.info

Can I simply come along and ride Umadum?

Yes, rides are possible at any time without a reservation.

Can tickets be bought/pre-ordered online?
Are Umadum vouchers available for purchase?

Yes, they can be bought in person at our ticket office. Online purchase is currently unavailable.

How can I buy a voucher?

Vouchers can be bought in person at our ticket office. Online purchase is currently unavailable.

What cabin specials can be booked for Umadum?
You can find the extensive information about our connoisseur rides here
How do I book a cabin special?
Please send your request to reservierung@umadum.info with your desired date & time, number of people and the desired services – the sooner the better is the guarantee that your appointment is still available – but no later than 1 week before your desired date the reservation must be made
Can photographers/editors book photo sessions in Umadum?

We welcome such inquiries. They can be addressed to reservierung@umadum.info

Are wheelchairs permitted?

Yes, wheelchairs with a maximum width of 70 cm can ride at any time. We regret that electric wheelchairs cannot be permitted due to safety reasons.

Can dogs ride Umadum?

For the sake of safety, it is unfortunately not permitted to let dogs ride.

Do the cabins have heating/air conditioning?


Can I celebrate my birthday on Umadum?

Of course. Inquiries can be sent to reservierung@umadum.info; we will be happy to send an individual quotation.